“This book puts wheels on high ideals in a way that

can move us toward the kind of education our students deserve and our best

teachers desire.”
---Parker J. Palmer

Welcome. Here, you'll find all of the assignments mentioned in A Call to Creativity (Teachers College Press 2012), as well as a brief, three-minute video with some ideas on writing with an authentic voice. And here is a video on writing a Synthesis Essay!

I'm glad you're here.

Peace and Courage along your teaching journey,

Luke Reynolds

Friday, February 3, 2012

Assignments from A CALL & Video

Here is the permanent link for the download of all assignments mentioned in the Appendix of A Call to Creativity.

I hope these activities provide possibilities for your classes and that they inspire you and your students.

Here is a brief, three-minute video clip of some of my thoughts on writing with an authentic voice:

And here is a clip on how to consider writing a Synthesis Essay, created for my 7th graders:

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